MOGS Oil & Gas Services is an independent investor, owner and operator of pipelines, fuel storage facilities and other oil and gas infrastructure across Africa. MOGS is building capacity in African oil and gas infrastructure, which increases fuel and ernergy security. All MOGS infrastructure operates on an open-access operating model

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MOGS Mining Services consists of various specialist mining companies, all of which have been in existence for several decades and are leaders in the particular fields. Operating both locally and internationally, the division offers services across the mining value chain.

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Battery Electric [logo]
Booysen Bore Drilling Company (Pty) Ltd [logo]
COGS [logo]
Elbroc Mining Products (Pty) Ltd [logo]
Fraser Alexander [logo]
GPMS [logo]
Oil tanking MOGS [logo]
M-Tech industrial [logo]
MSA group [logo]
Stopetek [logo]
Sunrise energy [logo]
Trident S.A. [logo]