MOGS Mining Services (MMS)

MOGS Mining Services (MMS) consists of various specialist mining services companies, all of which have been in business for several decades and are leaders in their particular fields. Operating both locally and internationally, the division offers services across the mining value chain.

MMS operates extensively in South Africa, elsewhere in Africa and on four other continents.

MMS has a staff complement exceeding 4000 people and delivers products and services to more than 200 open pit and underground mining sites in South Africa, elsewhere in Africa and the rest of the world

MMS services and products span the mining value chain from exploration to operations, closure and rehabilitation

Company sizes
  • The MSA Group, M-Tech, Stopetec and Battery Electric – fewer than 150 employees
  • Elbroc, Trident SA and Booysens Bore – 150-350 employees
  • Fraser Alexander – more than 3 000 employees

While our group comprises synergistic businesses that all service the mining sector, they provide a diverse range of services and product offerings, which include consulting, product manufacturing and contracting, throughout the mining industry and into the energy sector

Mining services [photo]
Mining services [photo]
Mining services [photo]

MMS Businesses

Established in 1912 Fraser Alexander is a diversified mining services business that delivers customised solutions across the Mining Value Chain.

The company is the industry leader in South Africa and Africa in tailings storage facilities (TSF), hydraulic remining, outsourced tailing solutions, and build, own and operate coal processing.

Established in 1968, Trident is a manufacturer and supplier of in-house designed, track bound, underground hard-rock mining machinery for both domestic and international markets, and is an OEM manufacturer for a number of brands including Goodman Locomotives, Eimco loaders and Atlas Copco loaders.

It is one of the largest manufacturers of underground locomotives and loaders in the world, and a leader in the conversion of underground mining vehicle to lithium iron battery-electric drive trains.

The company is the market leader in South Africa and has supplied 16 countries worldwide.

Established in 1968, Booysen Bore is a large, specialist mining production drilling company.

Based in the Northern Cape of South Africa, Booysen has earned a reputation as an industry leader in blast-hole production and dewatering drilling to the highest mining safety standards.

The company operates a fleet of approximately 66 rigs, with plans to expand its service offerings geographically.

Based in Potchefstroom, South Africa, M-Tech Industrial was established in 2001 and is a leading specialist provider of energy-related engineering services, products and software to the power generation, mining and other industries. The ISO9001 certified company is a global leader in power utility real time performance management software, consulting and systems solutions.

Founded in 1988, Battery Electric is a leading provider of underground vehicle battery-electric control systems, and mining vehicle proximity detection systems.

Established in the 1986 and employing 190 staff, Elbroc is an industry leading supplier of underground roof support products and systems.

MSA is a geology, mining and environmental consultancy founded in 1983. The company is a leading geology and resource estimation consultancy, with a full complement of services spanning the mining chain from exploration to feasibility, operations, optimisation and closure.

Stopetec [logo]

Established in 1993, Stopetec is a provider of the underground contract roof support and equipment maintenance services