MOGS Oil and Gas Services

Oil & gas services [photo]

MOGS operates with an open access philosophy and tariffs being independently set and regulated. We provide access to oil and gas infrastructure and services for producers and owners of fuels, traders, distributors, governments and government-owned entities.

Our oil and gas infrastructure assets derive revenue from throughputs and/or storage fees.

Energy security is a priority for African countries but oil and gas infrastructure remains underdeveloped due to various factors.


GPMS is a concession of offshore terminals responsible for the importation of approximately 85% of Ghana’s crude oil and petroleum products. GPMS facilities operate on an open-access basis, servicing bulk distribution companies and the Tema and Sentuo oil refineries on a throughput tariff basis. The terminals handle in excess of 4 million tonnes of petroleum products a year.

MOGS has a 65% equity stake in GPMS and is the concessionaire responsible for the operation and maintenance of facilities.

MOGS developed the concept of a crude oil storage and blending facility in Saldanha Bay in 2011 and was approached by Oiltanking GmbH to acquire a 50% stake in the project. The transaction was concluded in 2013. The IDC came into OTMS as an equity holder in 2018 and currently holds 26%. MOGS and Oiltanking now hold 37% each.

The project comprised the construction and now the operation of a 9.9 million-barrel crude oil storage and blending terminal.

The terminal provides crude oil blending services and storage to third parties such as crude oil producers, traders and refiners.

MOGS Oil & Gas owns 60% of Saldana Bay-based Sunrise, which is one of Africa’s largest liquified petroleum gas (LPG) import facilities. In 2014 MOGS acquired the project together with the leading development lender IDC (Industrial Development Corporation), and the facility has storage capacity of 5,500 metric tonnes (MT) with a monthly throughput capacity exceeding 17,500 MT.

Sunrise Energy facilities importation of this lower impact energy fuel and is increasingly vital to energy security in the Western Cape.

Oil & gas services [photo]
Oil & gas services [photo]
Oil & gas services [photo]